Lake House Grand Rapids, MI Custom Builders

As Michiganders, we know how much everyone loves water. You’re never more than 6 miles from a water source while in the mitten state! Chances are you’ve seen some pretty incredible lake houses too.

As custom home builders, we know the terrain--or--waterways, and we know there are a few things that can upgrade any lakehouse. To get ideas for what to incorporate into your custom lakehouse, keep reading.

1.) A Lofted Bedroom With a View of the Water

Sometimes there’s nothing so peaceful as just watching the water on the lake.

To hit a new state of Zen, a loft bedroom home addition might be the thing for you. A loft bedroom allows you to get away from the crowd, the noise, and the chaos of everyday living and just enjoy the simple things like nature.

Take some time for self-care by retreating to your loft, laying in bed or sitting in a chair, and just watching the shimmer of the lake. Maybe even take a cup of tea with you.

2.) A Boathouse Bar

Where you store your boat doesn’t have to be a simple tool shed, it could be your personal at-home bar.

Think about it, after a day out on the lake, why not come home to a drink on the rocks? Sit with your friends and enjoy stories and good laughs and when everyone’s ready to leave, your home is just a few feet away.

A boathouse bar is great for dividing up crowds as well. If you want to have a guys night playing poker, the boathouse bar can be your man cave. If you’re having people over to hang out and chat about life, the boathouse bar could be your signature place that guests may also cherish.

3.) A Bathtub with a Glass Bottom...Over the Water

Sometimes the lake’s a little cold to go swimming in, but you still want to feel like you’re swimming in it.

A bathtub with a glass bottom, suspended over the water, can give you that experience. And not only that, it might just be the most calming bath you’ve ever taken.

By watching the water move below you, you may find yourself put at natural ease and at one with your environment.

4.) Library Nook With a Waterfront View

Books and rain usually don’t mix when you’re outside. But from the comfort of the indoors, you can have the perfect harmony of watching a storm crash over the waves while reading enchanting stories by authors like Margret Atwood and Stephen King.

Sunrooms or library nooks facing the water also work great as study rooms or social gathering places.

The high amount of windows often lets in a lot of natural light, stimulating creativity and encouraging conversation. Whether you have a child that needs a place to focus on their homework, or you’re a parent hosting a get-together, a nook with a view might be right for you.

5.) Garage Door Walls

If your home runs near the edge of the water, you may be interested in installing some form of garage door walls. These don’t have to be literal garage doors, they just function similarly to them.

Garage door walls allow you to open up an entire section of your home to the outdoors. These work great if you have a side patio that runs along your house, and you want to ease traffic flow through your main side door.

Garage door walls also work great for lake homes because they allow you to get more natural airflow through your house, which can be used to cool it off during the hot summer days. Then, when your friend coasts down the river, they’ll be able to dock their boat right outside and come in for some food and laughs.

6.) An Outdoor Shower

Yep, you heard us right. An outdoor shower.

These closed in yet outdoor accessories are perfect for lake houses because after swimming or playing in the sand, an outdoor shower addition allows you to clean yourself off before stepping inside. This helps reduce the tracking of dirt, mud, and other contaminants one might find in a lake.

7.) An Outdoor Kitchen

A day at the lake is also a day in your backyard. Don’t hassle with going in and out of the house, constantly running the AC, and having to step away from the beauty of the water.

Our Grand Rapids builders can create for you a custom outdoor kitchen that’ll make you want to keep your socks off just so you can stay outside. From mounts for full-service grills to BBQ smokers, we can incorporate just about anything to transform your lake-days.

8.) A Themed Fire Pit

A fire pit of any kind goes perfectly with a Michigan summer home. There’s something about the cool fresh air coming from the water mixed with the heat from a fire that creates a perfect balance.

But with today’s technology, why settle for just a standard hole in the ground? Why not have a firepit modeled after something or designed to your liking.

Our artisans can then craft you a home exterior extension to complement any fire pit or fireplace so that night or day, your lake house has something beautiful to offer.

9.) Porch Swing Near The Water

Need we say more?

10.) A Floating Sauna

Okay okay, it may sound a little crazy. But hear us out…

A floating sauna is completely possible, and might just become the hottest attraction at your home (get it, because saunas are hot!)

A floating sauna merges pontoon life with healthy modern wellness practices. On your floating sauna, you can incorporate a small bar and even external hammocking spots!

After a swim, hop in the sauna to warm back up. Or do the reversal and after sweating out toxins, hop in the lake to wash yourself off!

Ready to Start Building?

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