Attic Basement Remodel Grand Rapids MI

Do you want to get the most out of the existing space in your home? You may want to consider finishing your basement or attic.

Finishing a room is typically less expensive than remodeling one. You don’t have to remove any furnishings that have gone out of style or appliances that have stopped working. Instead, you get to work with a blank canvas.

But if you only have enough to finish one space, which room should you spend your budget on? What can you expect from finishing an attic or a basement?

Our Grand Rapids, MI, home builders have helped many clients take an unused space and make it a central feature of their home. Whether you choose to finish your basement or your attic, Schultz Builders is here to help.

Finishing a Basement

Pro: Multipurpose

One of the best parts about finishing your basement is that you leave the door open for multiple uses of the space. You can use a finished basement as:

  • A home office
  • An in-home movie theater
  • A second living room
  • A bar
  • A game room
  • An apartment
  • An online vacation rental

Con: Moisture

Of course, one of the risks of finishing a basement in particular is flooding. You’ll want to make sure your basement doesn’t have any water issues before construction begins. That includes making sure the ground outside is graded away from your foundation. Additionally, insulation can help keep moisture out while also regulating the temperature within your basement.

Con: Lighting

Another challenge of finishing your basement is lighting. Unless you’re working with a split-level home, your basement likely only has small windows near the ceiling because the rest of the room is below ground level. These limit the amount of natural light you can let in to brighten the space.

Certain finished basements, such as in-home movie theaters, can actually benefit from the lack of natural light. But if you want to use the space for a home office, for example, then working in the dark can potentially take a real toll on both your mood and your productivity. 

When planning your finished basement, take into account how much natural light you’re working with. Explore artificial lighting options that brighten the space in ways that mimic natural light. Feel free to ask our contractors about whether or not you can add more windows or doors.

Consider the Cost

Of course, any home construction project comes at a cost. Finishing a basement typically costs homeowners between $6,500 and $18,500. Larger spaces and/or grander designs could cost even more.

If you’re concerned about cost, speak with our Grand Rapids basement contractors. We can work with your vision and your budget to create a finished basement design that works for your home.

Finishing an Attic

Pro: Multipurpose

If you finish an attic properly, it can feel like a seamless extension of the rest of your living space. Like with a basement, a finished attic can serve multiple purposes, such as:

  • A small library or reading nook
  • A home office
  • A playroom for kids
  • An apartment or guest room
  • A hobby room (e.g., sewing room)

Pro: Natural Light

Unlike a finished basement, a finished attic has more access to and potential for beautiful natural light. Additionally, depending on where you live, your attic may offer some of the best views of any natural beauty or man-made marvels in your neighborhood. 

Con: Head Clearance

Finished attics often have a certain charm because of their sloped ceilings, but that charm is hard to remember if you keep bumping your head whenever you’re up there.

In general, most building codes require a seven-foot clearance for attic expansions. If you don’t have the required head space, you’ll have to quite literally raise your roof, which will only make your project more expensive. 

Speak with our Grand Rapids attic contractors before you get too far into the design process. That way, we’ll be able to investigate if your attic meets code requirements and you can stick to your budget. 

Con: Temperature Control

Hot air rises, which means that your finished attic can become stifling during a hot Michigan summer. You’ll want to invest in proper insulation as well as an HVAC system or, at the very least, a ceiling fan to circulate air during the summer months.

Consider the Cost

On average, it costs between $4,600 and $16,400 to finish an attic. However, this doesn’t include common features of finished attics, such as walk-up stairs, heating, or plumbing. If you plan to transform your attic into an extravagant living space, you could pay anywhere from $8,000 to $80,000.

Don’t let these price estimates scare you. If you have reasonable expectations for what you plan to achieve, you can get a finished attic for a fair price. Speak with our attic contractors if you have any questions about cost.

Finish Your Basement or Attic with Schultz Builders

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