Custom Homes in Grand Rapids MI

When it comes to building a custom home, you may already have a few general ideas of what you want. Perhaps you’re dreaming of high ceilings, a big family kitchen, or even a balcony to enjoy the summer nights on. 

All of those are great, but before you begin your construction project, let us spark your imagination with a few more custom home ideas that you just might fall in love with. 

Floating Staircases

This is a visually appealing design that involves the steps of your staircase all being separate from one other yet still connected to the wall. Because of the illusion, there might be some hesitancy at first to ascend upwards. However, after a few tries you will get used to them and they’ll feel completely natural.

The simplicity of floating staircases is favored amongst modern home designs and can still ensure safety with a railing placed on the wall.

If floating staircases are not your style and you prefer a more traditional option, you can still switch it up with innovative storage solutions underneath your stairs. This could be anything from a walk-in closet to individual pull out drawers. 

Double Island Kitchens 

Kitchen islands are one of the most common things people ask for when doing a kitchen remodel. They’re convenient, spacious, and create a great space for social conversations. But what if you had two of them? 

An additional kitchen island can help your organization while cooking as it provides more space for you to set ingredients on and prep meals. When you’re not actively cooking, it can also be used as a separate space to present a variety of snacks and foods for guests. 

Lastly, if you are someone who often has guests over, two islands could provide a dynamic talking space. People could lean against one of the islands while others sit down at another giving them options. 

A Balcony Pool

Who said pools have to stay on the ground? 

You could incorporate an infinity pool on an upper level of your home to enjoy swimming above the ground. These types of pools are functionally similar to traditional in-ground pools but they allow for you to use your space more creatively.

If you’re hoping to have giant yard space for cookouts, social gatherings, and community events yet still want a pool somewhere, a balcony pool might be right for you. 

A Secret Study

Sometimes you just need to get away to work on stuff and we get that. The goal of a secret study isn’t people needing to pull a book on a shelf in order to enter, but rather to have a study separated from your home’s general traffic area.

Most home studies today are close to the main door, or near the living room. Because of the location, spaces don’t always offer people the most productive working sessions. 

A private study, on the other hand, has the distance to avoid noisy distractions, random interruptions, and ultimately allows you to dive into your projects. 

A Community Study

Are you someone who thrives on collaboration and conversation? 

A community study is great for the creative minds that love to bounce ideas off others. These rooms feature areas to rest, hang out, and work. 

Elements like a giant hammock, whiteboard walls, coffee station, and more can all be incorporated into a community study area or home den. Don’t forget to also add in a large enough table for everyone’s ideas! 

A Beach Themed Fire Pit

Maybe you don’t live near open water, but you still love the feeling of sand between your toes. If that’s you, a beach-themed fire pit might be a great home addition.

These pits can be designed to shield you from the wind and give you the social enjoyment of a summer fire. 

An In-floor Wine Cellar 

A wine cellar, in general, is a home idea you may have not thought about.

An in-floor wine cellar is just like it sounds. As you walk over your floor (say in your kitchen) you’ll have a section of glass that reveals a wine cellar beneath it. This can be accessed by a separate staircase, or you could have a system installed that opens a section of your floor to reveal a staircase. 

Keep all of your wine at the right temperature and also within eyesight so you don’t forget to pop open one of your favorite bottles with guests. 

Want More Custom Home Design Ideas? 

We hope this guide has given you a few creative bursts. If you’re looking for more content, check out our post on 5 Amazing Home Additions for Michigan Homes! As a Grand Rapids custom home building company, Schultz Builders offers top-of-the-line home building services. 

Feel free to reach out and contact us online or by phone at (616) 291-2646 with any of your custom home building ideas! 

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