5 Home Additions That Add Value Grand Rapids, MI

Are you feeling cramped in your current living space, but aren’t willing to part from your home? We understand that your home can hold many good memories that make moving difficult when you need more space.

Home additions can become an attractive option to homeowners when their family or income grows. Either way, our home building contractors at Schultz Builders can help you decide what house extensions will add the most value.

1.) Family Room Addition

An additional living room can be the perfect space to entertain guests or simply hang out with family. If you have a gorgeous view from your home, you may benefit greatly by building a room that faces the view and has generous windows. The overall return on investment for family room additions depends on how the new space adds to the functionality and beauty of your home.

2.) Bedroom Addition

Whether you are expecting a new addition to the family or having an aging parent move in, a spare bedroom can give you the space you need while still being able to stay in your home. A bedroom addition can also come in handy for when relatives are staying over, especially during the holidays.

Whatever you decide to do with an extra bedroom, many homeowners appreciate having the extra space in their homes. You may even find it easier to get along with family members when everyone has their own space.

3.) Attic Conversion

What’s cozier than an attic bedroom tucked under the eaves of your home? Not only does converting your attic add living space to your home, but it also makes better use of the room you already have. Our home remodeling contractor will make sure that the attic has the necessary support for everyday foot traffic.

4.) Kitchen Addition

If you have a big family, you may want to consider building a kitchen addition. Not only do you need space to prepare meals, but you also need enough storage for food, bulky appliances, and other kitchen overflow items. Cluttered countertops make it difficult to use your kitchen, which is why many homeowners build pantries or storage rooms. A knowledgeable remodeling contractor can help you determine the best kitchen renovations for your home.

5.) Sunroom Addition

Sunrooms are perfect for people who want to enjoy the outdoors without having to actually be outside. A sunroom addition will help bring more natural light into your home. Not only has natural light been shown to improve mood, but it can also help your house seem more airy and spacious. If you are interested in adding a sunroom to your home, but sure to contact a building contractor near you.

Interested in building an addition to your home? TheGrand Rapids building contractorsat Schultz Builders will be able to help you determine what home extensions will add the most value to your life. To learn more about adding a room to a house, be sure to call our office at (616) 291-2646.