When it comes to modern home design, people want to build something that stands out while simultaneously keeping with the aesthetic of their surrounding community. It’s a complicated task, but it’s one we absolutely love as professional custom home builders. If you’re looking for a run-through on a few common home design options to consider, this read is for you. 

Use of Windows

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With modern homes, windows are one of the most popular designing options. In the past, windows were added to simply give a glimpse of the outside. They helped a little with natural light, but oftentimes it wasn’t a ton due to their size. With a modern home design, windows take a much bigger role. 

From sunrise to sunset, people are more and more captivated by the outdoors. Having windows that help capture the natural scene is something on people’s minds. Not only will more window space allow for more natural light (something that’s been proven to improve mental health and productivity) in places like your new kitchen, foyer, or den, but they also create a welcoming and artisan effect for a home. 

The transparency of having a lot of windows allows your home to have a warm glow at night and a clean finish in the day. People feel a sense of hospitality mixed with professionalism when they see a home with strong face windows. With modern windows, you also don’t have to worry about losing out on energy as people did in the past. Our custom home builders are able to install the highest quality windows to keep your home energy-smart. 

Where Are Your Lines?

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Some consider lines to be the foundations of artistry. A line is simple in its nature, yet offers infinite possibilities in the application. When used right, lines create masterful works of art. With modern home design, the use of lines has become more apparent. Everything from siding, railings, window frames, upstairs balconies, to gull wings and half hip roofs are switching to more of an exposed line style. The real trick is using lies to create a sharp look that makes your house stand tall while keeping its welcoming presence. 

Homes are the place we go to when needing shelter, and when people pull up to your home we hope they’ll feel protected and provided for. Lines can work on a psychological level when used right, and this effect has been popular with modern homes. As your local Grand Rapids builders, we’ll be sure to talk with you about how you want people to react to your home so that it stands as a stronghold for years and years to come. 

Freefall Feel

Hanging ledges, extended roofs, or stretching canopies are what we’re referring too here. The freefall feel of a roofing piece is when something reaches out past your home and has no other support pillars holding it up. They may feel a little scary at first, but they’re completely safe when designed right. 

These design additions work extraordinarily well for backyard decks, front porch walkways, or even as a custom flair for your home. 

Outdoor Blend 

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When we look at how your home blends with the outdoors, one of the main things to consider are your thresholds. When someone steps into your home, does it feel like they’re immediately stepping away from the outside? Or do they feel like there’s a gap or layover effect where the outdoors and the indoors blend for a second? 

There’s no right or wrong answer here. Both options have their benefits and can look stunning with the right home design team on the job. The front door tends to be more of a break from the outside world though, where a backyard door--like a porch door--tends to be more a blend. Deciding what you want for your home will shape the experience of you and your guests have. As your Grand Rapids builders, our goal is to establish these experience goals before we start building, so that your dream home is everything you imagined. 

Abstract Appearances

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The final stop on our modern home design journey. The word abstract has taken different meanings over the years because what’s abstract now won’t always be abstract in a decade. 

With modern designs, it’s okay to add a feature, faces, or looks to your home that your neighbors may not be familiar with. Things like line panels, or an amalgamation of checkered boxes, or an unsynchronized arrangement of lights are all things that can make your home stand out in a beautiful way. The important thing we want you to consider is continuity, though. 

When you think about the aesthetic of your home, consider how the outside face matches the indoor decor. An abstract front will not always match an indoor log cabin scene, you feel? We want you to know that it’s okay to get creative, express yourself, and ask about ideas that you’re not done workshopping yet though. Part of the fun of building a new home or remodeling a home is verbally experimenting with design ideas and trying them out on paper. As your professional builders, we’ll make sure to go over all of this with you. 

Ready to Start Construction? 

If you’ve been drafting up home design ideas or want to start one today, feel free to reach out and contact us online or by phone at (616) 291-2646 for a free consultation. As your Grand Rapids, MI custom home builders, Schultz Builders knows how much work, time, and love goes into projects. We can’t wait to get started and want your experience to be one of the most exciting projects you’ve ever done.