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Do you have a home office? If so, you’re not alone. Working from home has become immensely popular over the past couple decades. From 2005 to 2017, remote work shot up 159%.

It’s no wonder people are making the switch from office buildings to remote work. Studies have shown that working from home increases both your productivity and your job satisfaction.

But it may be hard to give up a traditional office environment if your home office leaves a lot to be desired. Here are four reasons it might be time to remodel your home office.

1. More Space

When you start to work from home, you may not have dedicated space in your house for a home office. Many “home offices” start in spare bedrooms, unfinished basements, even closets. While one of those may be the office you start with, it shouldn’t be the office you end up with. 

Many remote workers discover as they settle into their new routine that they need a lot more space for their home office than they originally thought. A short desk in the corner of your bedroom simply won’t cut it in the long run without enough space for storage, electronics, or meeting with clients. 

When it comes to storage, our remodeling contractors can design custom office cabinets to meet your needs. We can also create custom closets to free up even more space.

If your current home office simply doesn’t have enough room no matter how much extra storage you add, then it might be a good idea to consider a home addition.

You probably won’t create an entirely new portion of your house just for a home office (although certain workplaces, such as art or music studios, may call for it). But you may decide to move your home office into an existing space — a family room or bedroom, perhaps — and then invest in a home addition to add back the lost space.

Our contractors can help you explore all your options to make sure you get the space you need for both work and play.

2. More Light

Does your home office have a window? How about a source of light other than your computer screen?

Good light isn’t just important for aesthetics alone; it’s also necessary to prevent digital eye strain, otherwise known as computer vision syndrome (CVS). Our home office remodelers can light your office properly to reduce your risk of discomfort and vision problems.

3. Better Location

It’s often said that the three most important factors when considering buying a home are “location, location, location.” The same can be said for remodeling a home office.

Before you invest in upgraded furniture and decor, take a moment to ask yourself, “Is this really the best part of the house for my office?” For some remote workers, noise is the biggest consideration. If your office is right next to a lively family room or den, you may want to consider a quieter part of your house.

For others, working from home presents a challenge for work-life balance. It may be too tempting to end your workday early if you can smell dinner from your office next to the kitchen. You may struggle to sleep without dreaming about the mountain of paperwork you have to do if your office is attached to your bedroom. 

Don’t just limit yourself to your existing home office space. If a change in location will better meet your needs, our remodeling contractors can help you remodel the most suitable part of your house.

4. More Style

Style is a substantive factor when it comes to making a creative, productive office space. If you focus too much on the utility of your space, you’ll miss out on creating something truly inspired.

Good designers know that function and style aren’t at odds with each other. In fact, good design is at its best when function and style work together to create something beautifully practical. Our contractors can design a custom home office that satisfies both your needs and your tastes.

Design Your Custom Home Office Today

At the end of the day, the best reason to remodel your home office is because you want a work environment that works for you. Our Grand Rapids, MI, remodeling contractors and designers can get started on your remodel or design a new, custom office space for your home. Call Schultz Builders today at (616) 291-2646, or contact us online for a free estimate.

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